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Coconut Shell CUBE Hookah Charcoal

Classical production charcoal is still the most demanded and most useful type in the world. It even went a step further and there is no longer any need to cut down trees for coal production. There is a type of coal produced in Indonesia, where not a single tree has been cut down for its production. These coals are produced from coconut-coconut shells, which Indonesians call the tree of life.

It has a cube-shaped structure and thus, it takes up little space as there is no space between them while being stored. With the widespread use of these 100% nature-friendly products, it can be said that the foods to be cooked on the grill are starting to become healthier. The most important features of this product: It does not contain chemicals, it is dust-free, smokeless and ashless. It always burns at the same temperature value, as if it is an electric resistance, the food does not burn because it maintains its heat value. It has no carcinogenic effect, it is an eco-friendly ecological product as there is no need to cut trees.

High calorie: minimum heat value is 7701Kcal/kg. Low volatile: it has the longest burning time thanks to its low volatility,

High carbon content

Ash amount is 5% of its original weight,

It consists of 100% natural material,

It does not smoke and soot,

Odorless, non-sparking.



What Is Coconut Shell Charcoal?

Coconut shell charcoal is produced in an incomplete combustion condition without oxygen. Its main component, carbon, determines its combustibility. It is also odorless and smokeless. It has high heat value, low ash waste (<4%). Now, more and more restaurants and civilians will store coconut shell charcoal. Because it is easy to use, carry and store.

Is Coconut Shell Charcoal Safe?

Because of its good properties, coconut shell charcoal is widely used in agriculture, industry and life. First, there are no sulfur and toxic gas emissions. It is safe to use in cooking. Second, its calorific value is extremely high, making it a good alternative to diesel or other fuels in everyday life or industries. Third, it has rich holes. It can be used in agriculture.

How Do You Use Coconut Shell Charcoal?

• Charcoal

• As a fuel used in the restaurant and food industries

• Heavy metal absorption in the agricultural industry

• Raw material for making building bricks

• It is used as a fuel in the steel industry, iron factory and ceramic industry.

• Activated charcoal quenched (we do not supply relevant reprocessing equipment)

• Hookah/shisha charcoal

As a result, coconut shell charcoal is a heat source with high calorific value. When you find charcoal making equipment to make good quality charcoal, Beston coconut shell charcoal is your best choice. Contact us to get the details right away!

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