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Briquette products

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Briquette charcoal

The tree was made without cutting.
It is produced from 100% organic waste.
It is environmentally friendly.
It has a very long burning time.
It is smokeless and odorless.
It has high heat calories.
It does not contain chemicals.
No flame or spark.
Sustainable production techniques are used.
It is produced with minimum CO2 emission.
It is three times more efficient than charcoal.

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Magma briquette

Our coals imported from Indonesia are the best quality "Class A" products. It is natural, environmentally friendly, smokeless and high-calorie. Our brand "Giving Life to Fire" is aware of working with high sensitivity towards the environment...

As evidenced in the analysis reports;

• Ash: Maximum 5%
• Humidity: 6% maximum
• Volatile: Maximum 5%
• Calories: 7300 kcal/kg min.

Our products with high quality data are just a few clicks away from you.

Follow Magma Briquette Coal, Germany's highest quality and best brand in briquette coal, be profitable...

(There are those who use it as hookah coal.)


Akyollar briquettes

The feature that distinguishes Akyollar briquette charcoal from others is that its price is quite affordable compared to its counterparts.

Compared to more wood, ie natural charcoal, the price is the same, but the burning time is quite long.

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Black TIGER Brıquette

Same quality as MAGMA.
The only difference is that it consists of smaller parts.

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